Man Hacks



Separate Egg Yolk From Whites With A Water Bottle

We’ve all stood in our kitchens like oafs, fiddling around with broken halves of eggshells, precariously pouring the yolk out like a dangerous science experiment. Well, prepare to face palm when you watch the video […]

Sep, 03

Quick Bake Bubble Up Pizza

Homemade pizza is not something that is often on the bachelor’s go-to list of quick fixings, however that is about to change. This easy recipe opts for easy-bake biscuits instead of traditional pizza dough, which […]

Aug, 04

Frito Pie w/ 1-Hour Texas Chili

Frito Pie is a Texas delicacy, popular at county fairs and considered good tail-gaitin’ eats. It’s an easy enough treat to make – a 10 minute prep and then let it simmer an hour on […]

Jul, 24

Peel Bananas From The Bottom To The Top

Never look like a dingus trying to peel a banana again, and never waste your time again, for that matter. Peel your bananas like monkeys have been doing it forever: start peeling from the bottom […]

Apr, 25

Steaming Hot Dog Buns

Never has there been a grater way to steam your buns. (Creddit) Steam your hot dog buns to the perfect levels of fluffiness and heavenly warmth that you desire, the easy way! Place your buns […]

Nov, 10


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