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Sourdough Pizza Bread Bowl AKA The Pizza Smash

Posted by redditor moderith in /r/food, The Pizza Smash embodies both the cultured stomach as well as eons of caveman-esque masculinity; I like to call it a hyper-evolved calzone. This monstrosity looks absolutely delicious and the ingredients are already on my grocery list for this week.

  1. Hollowed out a sourdough roll. Fingers seem to be the best tools for this.
  2. Jalapeno Cheese Chicken Sausage in pan 1. Onion, Mushroom, Jalapeno in the other.
  3. After veggies were done added olives & parsley, and let them heat up from the radiant heat.
  4. Pizza sauce, pesto, and pepper.
  5. Covered the inside of the bread bowl with the sauce.
  6. Chopped up the sausage.
  7. Layer 1: Sausage
  8. Layer 2: Half the veggies
  9. Layer 3: Mozzarella
  10. Layer 4: Pepperoni
  11. Layer 5: Tomatoes
  12. Layer 6: More sausage
  13. Layer 7: The other half of the veggies
  14. Layers 8 & 9: More mozzarella and pepperoni
  15. Re-cap the bread bowl
  16. Place bread bowl onto aluminum foil
  17. Wrap bread bowl in aluminum foil
  18. Transfer foil-wrapped bread bowl into plastic bag to catch any grease
  19. 2x 10lb weights
  20. Extra weight. Guessing all together about 35-40 lbs.
  21. Slow smash for one hour, this is the result.
  22. The bread absorbed a lot of the sausage grease, but that’s fine it will only help with cooking.
  23. 45 mins later out of a 275* oven. The bread turned into an awesome crust. Didn’t plan on how perfect that worked out.
  24. Side shot.
  25. Cut, serve and eat after 10 minutes of cooling.

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