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This article was written on 10 Oct 2012, and is filled under MacGyver.

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Build A Macro Lens For Your Smartphone

Most of us played with laser pointers when we were kids, some of us even still do, on our own or with pets. Using the lens of one of those same laser pointers, you can take beautiful macro photography shots with your regular smartphone camera. If you don’t have one lying around, you can order one for under $5 on Amazon, shipping is free.

Constructing your macro lens is extremely simple, the only additional thing you’ll need is a pair of pliers, some tape, and a bobby pin or paper clip. Unscrew the cap of the lens side of your laser pointer; then, use the pliers to remove the protective lens casing. (In the photos below, the lens casing is a grey color.) Once the casing has been removed, you can also remove the lens itself. Use the tape and bobby pin or paperclip to secure the lens to the back of your phone.

You now have a smartphone camera that is capable macro photography! Credits go to redditor siimR [1] for posting the pictorial on /r/LifeProTips, as well deaconfritz [2] for the photos of the leaf, bubbles, coin and sugar.

If you’re interested in seeing more macro-gyver photography, check out this gallery on Imgur by redditor jimineyprickit.

[1] Originally found on /r/LifeProTips
[2] Macro photos provided by redditor deaconfritz.

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