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Put Yourself Through Financial Boot Camp

Learning how to create a budget, deal with debt, manage your money, and start saving some is a daunting task for anyone; it’s an uphill battle many of us have slid backwards on countless times. Fortunately, it’s not an impossible challenge, and there have been others who have come out on the other side: usually fat, rich and happy. (Maybe not fat, unless that’s what makes you happy.) Once such brave soul put together a financial plan for a sibling going through the aforementioned struggle. This financial plan, duly titled “What the hell do I do with my life?” can serve as a financial template for your life. In a year, you could be: debt free, have an emergency cash fund, paid off most or all of your student loans, and dipping your toes into the water of investments. Who knows? You could be doing even better if you don’t have any credit card debt! One thing is for sure: afterwards, you will be ready to join the ranks of the financially fit. Remember, the best thing you can do is start now.

Download the “What the hell do I do with my life?” financial guide in PDF format.

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[1] DebtPivot | Turn your life around

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