Man Hacks

Life hacks geared toward the male gender


Freeze (Literally) Some Backup Funds For Emergencies

Until today, the phrase cold hard cash probably only had a metaphorical meaning to you; well, that’s about to change. If you have problems keeping a lump sum around as a backup cache because you […]

Oct, 13 · in Home

Build A Macro Lens For Your Smartphone

Most of us played with laser pointers when we were kids, some of us even still do, on our own or with pets. Using the lens of one of those same laser pointers, you can […]

Oct, 10 · in MacGyver

Man Food: Braided Spaghetti Bread

God bless the fusion of Italian cooking and American ingenuity; this masterpiece is perfect for carbo(ver)loading and the leftovers are perfect for lunch the next day! You’ll need: 1 loaf Rhodes bread dough or 12 […]

Oct, 07

Hand Sanitizer’s Dual Purpose: Stain Remover

In a pinch, you can use hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol to vapoorize those hard-to-remove stains; alcohol (the main ingredient in most hand sanitizers and well, rubbing alcohol) is a natural solvent. Simply apply the […]

Oct, 05

Make Your Own Microwaveable Popcorn

Did you know the process of making microwaveable popcorn is pretty much the same as preparing to pop some kernels on the stove? For one serving, all that is needed is ¼ cup popcorn kernels, […]

Oct, 02

Sourdough Pizza Bread Bowl AKA The Pizza Smash

Posted by redditor moderith in /r/food, The Pizza Smash embodies both the cultured stomach as well as eons of caveman-esque masculinity; I like to call it a hyper-evolved calzone. This monstrosity looks absolutely delicious and […]

Sep, 27

How To Wash A Baseball Cap

Every dude has their favorite hat that’s been worn to bits and eventually they all start to look, well, salty. For most then was also the time to throw the cap away and hopefully, locate […]

Sep, 24



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