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Life hacks geared toward the male gender


Put Yourself Through Financial Boot Camp

Learning how to create a budget, deal with debt, manage your money, and start saving some is a daunting task for anyone; it’s an uphill battle many of us have slid backwards on countless times. […]

Sep, 20 · in Money

The Best Prank 75¢ (Or 5 Kronor) Can Buy

You’ve all seen the dollar on a string trick, and this practical joke is just as timeless. It involves a drill, grinder, nail, a little elbow grease, and a coin that the butte of your […]

Sep, 19 · in Pranks

First Date Cheat Code (AKA Casanova Code)

Unfortunately the genius who bestowed this morsel of knowledge upon us decided to delete their account on reddit, so to whom this tactic should be accredited to is unknown — but we are forever grateful […]

Sep, 16

Distill Your Own Liquor From Light Beer, For Science

Well, this weekend I was absolutely enthralled by the idea that one could distill their own liquor out of, well, otherwise not-so-amazing beer; I was told in just half an hour, I would be drinking […]

Sep, 14

Makeshift Stove Burner Made From Beer Can

Originally from the March 2010 issue of Maxim Magazine, this DIY article details how to fashion a simple stove burner from two beer cans and a wad of fiberglass. Need a stove, too? Well, any […]

Sep, 13

The Grill Sergeant Barbecue Apron

Big Mouth Toys’ “The Grill Sergeant” barbecue apron holds everything a real man could want or need for an afternoon filled with booze, food and fun. It holds six beverage cans or bottles, comes equipped […]

Sep, 09

How To Fold A Suit Jacket When Traveling

I’ve always used the little coat-hanger hooks usually found above the back seat passenger doors, or when those were unavailable I would roll the dice and pray to the mighty suit gods that my suit […]

Sep, 06



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