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Build A Macro Lens For Your Smartphone

Most of us played with laser pointers when we were kids, some of us even still do, on our own or with pets. Using the lens of one of those same laser pointers, you can […]

Oct, 10

Hand Sanitizer’s Dual Purpose: Stain Remover

In a pinch, you can use hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol to vapoorize those hard-to-remove stains; alcohol (the main ingredient in most hand sanitizers and well, rubbing alcohol) is a natural solvent. Simply apply the […]

Oct, 05

The Best Prank 75¢ (Or 5 Kronor) Can Buy

You’ve all seen the dollar on a string trick, and this practical joke is just as timeless. It involves a drill, grinder, nail, a little elbow grease, and a coin that the butte of your […]

Sep, 19

Makeshift Stove Burner Made From Beer Can

Originally from the March 2010 issue of Maxim Magazine, this DIY article details how to fashion a simple stove burner from two beer cans and a wad of fiberglass. Need a stove, too? Well, any […]

Sep, 13


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